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[04 Mar 2007|08:59am]
happy birthday neil stone!
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bike delivery jobs [22 Feb 2007|07:14pm]
if you or anyone you know is looking for a job, the planet smoothie is hiring for bike delivery positions. the hours would be 7:30am-11:30am, monday-friday, but i'm not sure how many days you would get, it would depend on a lot of things.

if you're interested, apply in person at the wall st. store (downtown off orange ave). the owner/manager, jorge manrique, works there 7:30am-2pm so that would be the best time to go apply. tell him liz and/or zach sent you.
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[20 Dec 2006|09:17pm]

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[01 Oct 2006|11:48am]
[ mood | aware ]

i've let my dreams and priorities become sidetracked. somehow i find myself living a more pointless existence than i intended for. did i fail to control my life through my indecisiveness, or is this just proof that we are helpless to change or make anything for ourselves? whatever it is, i'm wasting my life. but what are my dreams anyway?

well more than anything i want to get out of here and become sustainable. i want to live on a patch of land with my friends. i need this land to have a moving water source (stream, river, creek, etc) and preferably have mountains and forests on it, so they can continue to exist for their own sake. i want need to grow all my own food, indoors and hydroponically, so i don't have to rely on the earth's decrepit soil to provide me with sustenance. i also want need to have an animal sanctuary on the place, where liberated/rescued animals can come to live out their natural lives. i need to produce all my own energy. be completely off the grid so when this shit crashes, i will not fall with it. because i want to live to create and exist in a better world.

other dreams include a lot more travelling and continuing my education. i'm not interested in any degree, i just want to gain more knowledge. work is painfully mindnumbing, and although i read a lot, i want something more to stimulate my mind. however, i don't think i will start school again until i'm in a place where i can self-sustain because i don't want to be tied down to anything here.

my biggest dream is the first one mentioned, to become self-sufficient. this has to happen sooner than later. actually as soon as possible. zach are you coming with me? friends- are you coming with me? or do i have to forge this path alone? if i were to go alone, i could make it happen today..

on that thought, i really don't want to go alone. i don't want to be alone. although i'm more of a loner than a social person, it really sucks being completely and utterly alone in life. that's how i lived in tampa and it was miserable.

zach baby, i know you want to get out of orlando, but i know you also don't want to leave right now because of your friends and your bands. and i would never want to ask you to leave any of that. but what will it take for you to get out of here? when will you be ready to leave? am i ready to leave? well what do i even have going for me here? a few friends. a job that sucks. the few friends are the only worthwhile thing, and i know i will stay in touch with the true ones. that's why me and tracy and jimmy are still friends, and buddha and mj steve.

speaking of friends, i've been finding out who my real friends are lately. it's hurtful but only because i refused to accept what i already knew and acknowledge the pain of losing some. all of my former best friends aren't even friends with me anymore. i don't even consider every person in orlando to be my friend, or anything more than an aqquaintence. some people don't really care about me, some treat me like shit, acting as if i'm nothing more than "zach's girlfriend". i'm not even "liz" to them, i couldn't possibly be my own person. but fuck those people who make me feel like that because i don't want to have "friends" like that anyway. i don't have a lot of friends but at least the people who are my friends don't treat me like shit, actually it's the exact opposite of that, and you know who you are.

i don't know if people (that matter to you) are a good deciding factor to stay/leave a place. on one hand, i think it's important for me to live my life to the fullest and not let anything/anyone hold me back. on the other hand, what's more important in life than your relationship and friendships? what has the ability to bring you greater happiness?

aside from my friends, i really don't have anything going for me in orlando, or in my life in general. i'm not very happy either. i think if i want something more out of life (which i do), i need to get out of here. all i am doing here is existing and decaying. i'm not doing anything productive or worthwhile. i'm not good at anything and this city offers me nothing to pursue. well i know that's more of my fault than the city's, but a dead city really leaves you with nothing and hinders your creativity. i want to be excited about life.

every second i'm surrounded by this techno-industrial ugliness, this destroyed barren land, and these shallow lifeless robots who make up most of the population, i feel a little more of myself die on the inside. i can't continue to live like this.

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[26 Aug 2006|06:52pm]
[ mood | . ]

i love tracy

i love my friends

i love you zach bailey

TOMOROW me and tracy are leaving for north carolina. fuck yeah

i got hired at the pita pit haha.. i start whenever i get back

ps- CAROL S. you're the shit, i miss you, love you, and i'm gonna come vist you soon <3<3

haha i feel bad for ryan in this picture

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[10 Jul 2006|03:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

is anyone in orlando looking for a roommate?

just kidding i found one ♥

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[05 Jun 2006|10:50am]
i'm in orlando, my life is a million times better than it was a few days ago, and i never want to leave here. being surrounded by punx and not assholes is the best thing ever. friends, listening to awesome music with friends who listen to and appreciate the same stuff, riding bikes everywhere, going to the hospital for food, swimming in a lake, punk shows, ladies' night, smoking weed, fucking hanging out with awesome people. i need to find a place to live and a job because i don't want to leave.
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[15 May 2006|03:01pm]
[ mood | doesn't even feel real ]


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17th bday [25 Apr 2006|06:41am]
[ mood | shit ]

it's my birthday and i get to celebrate by going to school and work and not even seeing any of my friends. happy fucking birthday to me.

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top 27 things customers do that PISS ME THE FUCK OFF [17 Apr 2006|08:42pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

1. when customers decide to come in a minute before i'm supposed to clock out.

2. when customers decide to come in a minute before i'm supposed to clock out and take a fucking hour to decide what they want.

3. when a whole motherfucking sports team decides to come in a minute before i'm supposed to clock out.

4. when a whole motherfucking sports team decides to come in a minute before i'm supposed to clock out and then take a fucking hour to decide what they want.

5. when customers come in a minute before i'm supposed to clock out and completely deplete everything i just stocked so i could go home.

6. when customers order dead animal remains.

7. when customers ask me "what soups do you have". hmm i don't know, maybe you should try looking up at the big sign above me that says SOUPS in big letters.

8. when customers ask me what corpse we have.

9. when customers ask me what breads we have.

10. when customers ask me anything else that could be answered by simply READING THE MENU.

11. when customers ask for a menu. THEY'RE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

12. when customers ask a million questions.

13. when customers ask a million questions that are irrelevant to what they're ordering.

14. when customers tell me i basically look like a 10 yr old.

15. when customers hit on me.

16. when customers are rude to me.

17. when customers are cops/military and i have to take their orders.

18. when customers are cops/military that are rude to me and i have to take their orders.

19. when customers bitch about the prices/food/anything and ask me why. like i fucking know. do i look like the motherfucking greedy bastard that owns this franchise?

20. when i have to run an order to a customer's table and they tell me to take the order back because it's "not hot enough".

21. when i take a customer's order and then they change their mind RIGHT after i've finished writing it.

22. especially when it's a huge order that wasted about 10 tabs.

23. when customers change their mind when their food is already halfway down the make line.

24. when customers neglect to tell me it's to go and then get all bitchy when they get it for here.

25. when i answer the phone and a customer is loud as fuck screaming in my ear.

26. when customers treat me like i'm stupid or something.

27. when customers are assholes from my school.

whatever though, customers can piss me off all the fuck they want. i don't really care right now because i don't have to close on saturday and that means I'M GOING TO SEE WITCH HUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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witch hunt next weekend [15 Apr 2006|11:01pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

WITCH HUNT is playing at sound idea next saturday at 8pm. the potential really big problem is that i have to work next saturday, 10:30am-2pm and 3-8pm. not only am i working a double shift (without a paid break) which is such fucking crap, the restruant closes at 8pm on weekends. they better not make me help close the place down. i reallllllly hope they don't make me close. i'll fucking die. i've loved witch hunt since before they even released as priorities decay on profane existence. i have to go or else, like my life isn't shitty enough already..

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CHEMTRAILS [09 Apr 2006|06:51pm]
[ mood | fucking scared ]

okay yesterday i learned about the scariest fucking thing i've ever heard of in my whole life- CHEMTRAILS. have you ever looked up in the sky and seen long cloud-like things that look like the trail a rocket ship leaves behind when it's launched "into space"? like this:
spraying our skies
destroying our already dying skies
chemtrails are NOT contrails. they're both by-products of airplane exhaust but they're two totally different things. contrails are trails of condensation and pollution left by planes as their hot engines travel through the cold atmoshphere. they fade as the plane moves on. chemtrails are trails of poison (toxic heavy metal ions like barium that cause respiratory diseases and destroy the immune system, not to mention the rest of the planet) that are deliberatly sprayed from planes and don't go away. instead of getting smaller over time, they branch out and drop feathers.
big and small
the thinner chemtrails in this picture are newer. the wider ones (right side of picture) are older. when a lot of chemtrails are sprayed in one area, they eventually overlap each other, creating a haze. a haze of poison. it's pretty self-explanitory how that's really fucking bad. chemtrails are pretty obvious themselves, all you have to do is go outside and look up. they are right there above you. the scary thing is that most americans are so braindead they will never do that. but all you have to do is fucking LOOK UP and you can't deny their existence.
chemtrails have been around since the 60s, but have only recently (past 5-6yrs, reign of the bush reich) been appearing in mass quantities. WHY? because chemtrails are the product of a military project named OPERATION CLOVERLEAF. the military is testing weapons on us without our consent, without most peoples' knowledge. the air force sprays them from high-altitude military jets (KC-135s, KC-10s, and unmarked white jets).
spraying chemtrails
WHY? there are a few purposes for which the military/government/corporations are using this deadly technology.
the haze that overlapping chemtrails create is made of plasma. plasma is electrically-charged particles that's not a solid, liquid, or gas. it's a completely different type of matter. and the government's scientists can create this plasma and harness it's energy. they are creating a new, contaminated, electrically charged plasma atmosphere by creating a plasma sheild over our earth. this gives them the power to control the weather, which gives them the power to control the whole world. hurricanes katrina and rita and the recent tornado devastation in tennesee were probably not freak accidents. chemtrails are also the reason half the u.s. and half the world has been in a drought for the past two years. do you know what a drought means for the price of food and other necessities that should be free but instead the government/corporations rob from us and capitalize on? cha-ching. in 1997, insurance companies paid $92 billion in weather disaster claims. edward teller (inventor of the hydrogen bomb) stated that his weather modification program would cost only $1 billion per year. another government motive for weather control brings me to the next reason for operation cloverleaf.
first of all, it's the perfect military tool. how fucking disgusting is it that the military industrial complex has harnessed the weather as a "tool" for human use. the rest of the world is already enslaved for human (western/american) use and consumption. it's fucking disgusting, which makes it the perfect weapon. it can't be defeated. you can't fight the weather, you can't escape harsh weather conditions. how sickeningly convienent is it for fascist mass-murderer george bush to push a button on a keyboard from the luxury of his texas ranch and drop a tornado in the middle of falluja? it worked for them in new orleans.
secondly, the government/corporate/military industrial conglomeration complex is preparing for biological attack on america. to them it's not a matter of "if" but when. the plasma haze is nothing more than a battlefield for war games.
they've murdered millions of people overseas, along with thousands of american soldiers, what the fuck makes you think they care about your life? operation cloverleaf is a means to reduce the earth's population to a support level for the elite few. operation cloverleaf is a genocidal project of the NWO to exterminate society's "useless eaters". in other words the poor, elderly, young, and those already weakened by disease. the toxins in chemtrails are poisoning us, weaking our immune systems, and causing diesase (respiratory problems, cancer, allergies). respiratory disease is the third leading cause of death in this fucked up country. it's in the air we breathe everyday, which is the same air that the trees breathe and the food we eat breathes before it becomes food. it's in everything and it's making us sick and killing us off. GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IT'S HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD. of course, this is the last thing the majority of the american population would ever believe. even though it's right in our faces (LITERALLY, LOOK UP), most people remain ignorant because it's a slow process. if chemtrails appeared overnight and there was a sudden die-off, of course people would fucking notice. but because chemtrails have slowly been surfacing over the past 40+ years, we don't think anything of them. they're "normal clouds" to us because they've slowly become a part of our everyday lives. they appear in the background of stamps, photos, and major motion pictures. if you're around my age, you've never seen a real sky. how fucking sad is that.
it's pretty hard to believe operation cloverleaf is just a "conspiracy" when corporations have already been making new developments for beach condos and other sources of capital in new orleans. it's hard to dismiss this as a "silly little conspiracy theory" when nothing adds up. what does the government say about this? they don't, they deny the existence of chemtrails, claiming they're "just contrails" but with all the staggering evidence supporting that lie, we know that's bullshit. the (bush-appointed) EPA also refuses to acknowledge their existence and investigate. this is a real live statement from the EPA:

nothing, except feebly try to protect ourselves while these fucking psychopaths manipulate the air we breathe and destroy the planet. the best way to fight infection by chemtrails is to be healthy. be in shape and make sure you get all your vitamins. taking supplements of collodial silver (can be found in health food stores) has been found to counteract the heavy metal toxins in our bodies.

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DISfunctional workplace [26 Mar 2006|05:18pm]
[ mood | sore feet ]

haha my life has become hilarious ever since i started my new job.

i smoke blunts with my coworkers austin and joe (who stopped being a scumbag after i talked to him about treating womyn with respect) on our breaks and they tell me of all the fucked up shit that goes on here.

hahaha seriously the most fucked up shit goes on here.

like how one of the MUCH older male managers is fucking a much younger female worker (not to mention all the disgusting flirting that goes on between the older male management/some of the younger female labor). and how this kid smokes pills in the bathroom (fuckin oxycotton and xanax bars) hahahahaha. and how one of the managers is a fucking cokehead HAHAHAHAHA.

hahahahahahahahahahaha what the hell

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i hate people [21 Mar 2006|10:36am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

okay working in a restruant you seriously encounter some of the most digusting displays of humankind.

i want to scream WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU to every asshole customer that walks in the door. i hate having to interact with these disgusting creatures and i especially hate having to smile and be polite to them. being polite is such bullshit. it's so fake, it's like why even bother? why ask "how are you?" when you know you don't give a shit about me. i don't give a shit about you. you're just here to satisfy your gluttony and i'm just here to get paid so i can move out. take your fucking politeness to the bank and go fuck yourself.

i am so grossed out. all day at work yesterday i got hit on by my slimy coworker joe. he was like so when me and you gonna chill shorty? and i thought he meant like smoking weed and hanging out so i was like tomorow. and he was like i have a gf is that a problem? and i was like why would your gf care if we hung out? and he was like well what if we want to do more than hang out? i started laughing at him but then i realized he was serious and i was like whoa there buddy.. i don't think so. i asked him you'd cheat on your gf? and he was like yeah and i was like you're a fucking asshole. not to mention the fact that he's 8 yrs older than me hahahahahaha how pathetic is that. what a fucking creep!


hahaha something that's fucking funny: yesterday i rode my bike past this lady walking her dog who apparently does not like bikes. when i rode by, the dog freaked out and started running and the lady got caught in the leash and fucking fell!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaa i laughed at her so hard. that's what you get for putting animals on leashes.

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